The Kent Green Hop Beers of 2012

Ladies and Gentleman! I give you…the details of this year’s Kent Green Hop Beers!

Abigale Brewing: Kent Green Hop Ale (4%)  “A golden ale brewed with freshly picked First Gold hops from Buckman Green Farm, Smarden.”

Black Cat Brewery: Green Hop (4%)  “A refreshing green hopped beer.”

Canterbrew Ltd/The Canterbury Ales: Green Hop Ale (4.3%) “Fresh hop aroma with earthy yeast and hops and a long bitter finish.”

Canterbury Brewers/The Foundry Brewpub: (three beers from this brewery): Green Pale (4.6%)  “Local Goldings give a delicate hop aroma, sticky spice and grassy flavours giving way to a light, persistent bitterness and a soft tangerine finish. A light malt base lets the hop dazzle and takes you straight to the hop gardens!”

Green Canterbury Lager (5%) “Cask lager made, uniquely, with sacks of fresh, green, local hops. A deep malt base fermented with a specially imported lager yeast. Marris Otter barley gives some deep biscuit flavours balanced by  spicy, herbal notes from juicy, fresh East Kent Goldings with citrus, pine and marmalade flavours from Challenger hops.”

Fresh Hop Saison (4.5%) “A brew celebrating the best of the summer with a robust flavour to match. Huge green hop additions of East Kent Goldings, fresh from Syndale hop gardens, give a powerful punch of the true flavours and aromas of the season. Belgian saison yeast adds earthy sweetness and toffied-banana creating complexity and poise, finished with a high bitterness from all those lovely hops. This is our biggest, hoppiest beer of the summer, consider this a warning!”

Canterbury Brewers/Canterbrew (collaboration beer): Obama’s Green Hop Honey Ale (4.7%) “Using a recipe direct from the President of the USA, Barrack Obama himself, we have brewed his White House honey ale. Endeavouring to be true to the original recipe, we’ve exchanged White House honey for as much locally produced honey as we could lay our hands on and sack-loads of fresh, green Fuggles and Goldings. Strong honey flavours combine with zesty, spicy and bitter notes from our green hop additions to give real balance. Can we make a beer fit for the President…? Yes we can!”

Gadds’ Ramsgate Brewery: Green Hop Ale (4.8%)  “Crisp, fresh pale ale highly perfumed with East Kent Goldings (Amos’s Early Birds) from Humphrey Hulme at Brooke Farm in Shatterling.”

Goacher’s Ales: Silver Star (4.2%): “Our palest ale! First produced in 2008 to celebrate our 25th Anniversary, this summer ale is hopped with choice Kent Fuggles. The resulting beer has a crisp, clean palate with a light satisfying dry finish.”

Goody Ales: (two beers from this brewery) Genesis (3.5%) “A dark ruby coloured ale that has lots of flavour for its low ABV and an extra fresh, lasting hoppy finish coming from the green hops.”

Good Harvest (3.8%) “A clean tasting amber ale made with Humphrey’s East Kent Golding hops harvested straight from the bines and brewed within four hours of picking – a unique taste of Autumn.”

Hop Fuzz Brewery: Gardener (4%) “Our very special Green Hop Beer is an adaptation of our popular English amber ale. Using freshly picked Goldings hops added to the boil just hours after leaving the farm, this malty amber ale has a smooth hoppy bite that doesn’t overpower.This is a once a year treat that may never be replicated! ”

Kent Brewery: Green Giant (6%) “A collosal amount of freshly harvested East Kent Goldings creating a rare and complex green hopped IPA. A giant in every sense of the word.”

Nelson Brewery: Green Horn (4%) “Uniquely brewed in September in conjunction with the hop harvest this dark bitter is hopped with lashings of fresh Green Admiral hops (appropriately for us!), picked and used within six hours from the bines of Wheelers Farm in East Peckham.”

Old Dairy Brewery: Fresh Hop (4%)  “At hop harvesting time in September we have a unique opportunity, being in a hop growing county, to use fresh un-dried hops straight from the bine – at the end of the boil we throw a  poke full into the copper, yielding an uncommon, bright, fresh flavour and aroma.”

Ripple Steam Brewery: Green Hop IPA (4.5%) “Using traditional floor malts of Maris Otter and Crystal Barley we added fresh East Kent Goldings from H M Blatt of Buckham Green Farm, Smarden together with Fuggles from Josh Berry, Gushmere Court Farm, Selling to give a true Kentish Hop flavour to our Green Hop IPA.”

Royal Tunbridge Wells Brewery: Harvest Royal (4.1%) “A green hopped version of our Best Bitter.  A full bodied ale brewed with four malts and bittered with Kentish Challenger hops.  The signature green hop aroma provided by two late charges of East Kent Goldings.  Easy drinking with malty, biscuit and fruity notes but with the fresh green hop aroma always at the fore.”

Shepherd Neame: Oast Dodger (5.5%) “Using fresh, green Challenger hops this zesty pale ale is hopped four times during the brew – once in the mash, twice in the copper and again in the whirlpool – to give the rare esters and oils that are usually lost during drying a chance to come to the fore. This spicy, punchy hoppy hit is balanced with generous quantities of pale ale malt to deliver a fruity pepperiness on the palate.”

Swan on the Green Brewery: (two beers from this brewery) Goldings Pale (3.6%) “A pale, well-hopped session beer based on the recipe of our best-selling Fuggles style. This brew however uses Early Bird Goldings for both bittering and aroma in place of Target and Fuggles hops. Goldings are a classic aroma hop variously described as delicate, refined, almost sweet, slightly spicy and gently fragrant and floral.”

Goldings Mild ( 4%) “A strong dark mild using chocolate malt and roast barley for colour and flavour, and Early Bird Goldings for bittering and aroma. Goldings are a classic aroma hop variously described as delicate, refined, almost sweet, slightly spicy and gently fragrant and floral.”

Tonbridge Brewery: Capel Pale Ale (4.5%) “A zesty pale ale with pronounced grapefruit and background honey notes; fresh as an autumn morning!”

Wantsum Brewery: Fuggles (4.5%) “Using only Fuggles hops this is a delicately hopped light amber best bitter based on our very popular One Hop recipe and is very smooth on the palate.”

Westerham Brewery Co: Scotney Green Hop Harvest Ale (4%)
“Brewed in September to celebrate the hop harvest, this best bitter is hopped with undried green hops from the National Trust’s hop garden at Scotney Castle. A mild tasting, mid gold best bitter, it has a wonderful sappy flavour from the undried green hops and a huge hop aroma.”

Please note the following:

  • The only time/place all the beers will be available simultaneously is at Canterbury Food & Drink Festival this weekend 28 – 30th Sept – see our page about the festival for details. We will endeavour to post details of pubs stocking the beers as we get them. If you are a publican offering one of our beers please contact us and we will try to give you a mention!
  • At 25th Sept the  beer list is not quite complete – as we are awaiting details from a few more breweries, but these will be added as soon as we have them.

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