Sunday’s beers at Canterbury F & D Festival

We’ve had a busy weekend and Kent Green Hop Beers have proved even more popular than last year – so we have run out of some of our brews. But here’s what we’ve managed to get for you if you are coming to the final day of Canterbury Food & Drink Festival. (See beer page for tasting notes and ABVs).

Canterbury Ales East Kent Golding

Canterbury Brewers/Foundry Brewpub East Kent Belgian and East Kent Pale

Caveman Hunter Gatherer

Gadds’ Green Hop Ale

Hop Fuzz Garden of England

Mad Cat Autumn Sun

Old Dairy Green Hop 4 (Target)

Spencer’s Green Hop Gold

Shepherd Neame Tallyman’s Special

Swan on the Green Boadicea

Tonbridge Capel Pale

Westerham Scotney

Whitstable Grafty Green Hop

Don’t forget the festival closes at 5pm today – and we will have to call last orders before then – so don’t leave it too late getting here!

If you’ve missed us at Canterbury don’t forget Kent Green Hop Beer Fortnight continues in the county’s pubs.

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