Sunday’s beers at Canterbury F & D Festival

We’ve had a busy weekend and Kent Green Hop Beers have proved even more popular than last year – so we have run out of some of our brews. But here’s what we’ve managed to get for you if you are coming to the final day of Canterbury Food & Drink Festival. (See beer page for tasting notes and ABVs).

Canterbury Ales East Kent Golding

Canterbury Brewers/Foundry Brewpub East Kent Belgian and East Kent Pale

Caveman Hunter Gatherer

Gadds’ Green Hop Ale

Hop Fuzz Garden of England

Mad Cat Autumn Sun

Old Dairy Green Hop 4 (Target)

Spencer’s Green Hop Gold

Shepherd Neame Tallyman’s Special

Swan on the Green Boadicea

Tonbridge Capel Pale

Westerham Scotney

Whitstable Grafty Green Hop

Don’t forget the festival closes at 5pm today – and we will have to call last orders before then – so don’t leave it too late getting here!

If you’ve missed us at Canterbury don’t forget Kent Green Hop Beer Fortnight continues in the county’s pubs.


One thought on “Sunday’s beers at Canterbury F & D Festival

  1. A wonderfully successful – and well organised – event; the empty casks at the end confirmed its popularity. However many casks will be needed next year, I wonder?

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