Meet the Kent Green Hop brewers: Caveman Brewery

The face of Caveman Brewery...
The face of Caveman Brewery…

This could be a case of brewers sometimes being shy… or perhaps there really is a cartoon-like cave dweller living and brewing beneath The George and Dragon in Swanscombe, but either way this is the picture of the brewer from Caveman sent to KGHBF Publicity HQ.

Caveman Brewery clearly enjoyed their green hop brewing experience last year and have plans to make their East Kent Goldings hopped pale ale again and hope to also make, “a hoppy brown and an IPA and maybe something else too depending on what hops I can get my hands on.”

Yes… the Kent Green Hop Beer bug has bitten this underground brewer who loves to get out into the fresh air at this special time of year.

“The best thing about brewing one is the amazing [hop] aromas,” says James Hayward – who may or may not be pictured above. “Last year we went to the farm to pick them up in the cave mobile and it smelled of East Kent Goldings for about a week!”

James adds, “Kent Green Hop Beer Fortnight is so exciting because it’s a once a year opportunity to use the freshest ingredients … and get feel for how [the hops] have performed this year ahead of them being dried and made available to us through the usual channels.

“For drinkers it’s a chance to get a beer made with … hops which should really sing out. Also [many] of us use a single variety in each beer which is a good way to get a feel for the taste of different varieties of hops.”

● Caveman Brewery is based beneath The George and Dragon pub, Swanscombe (which is half way between Dartford and Gravesend). The pub will host a beer festival as part of Kent Green Hop Beer Fortnight – featuring guest beers as well as their own brews. Date tbc – but will be added to our ‘Where to drink’ page once we update it. 

There’ll be a chance to meet another Kent Green Hop brewer soon… 

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