Meet the Kent Green hop brewers: Westerham Brewery

Kent is steeped in beer-related history and Westerham Brewery has its fare share of that. Brewing in the town, west of Sevenoaks towards the border with Surrey, has been going on since the 1600s. In 1841 The Black Eagle Brewery was established and for more than 120 years played a significant role in the local community. Sadly it was closed by owners Ind Coop in 1964.

Brewing in Westerham was resurrected in 2004 when Robert Wicks founded the current Westerham Brewery and brought beer back to the town.

No surprise then that he’s been making a green hop beer since long before Kent Green Hop Beer Fortnight was even a twinkle in someone’s eye!

Robert Wicks, founder and brewer at Westerham Brewery
Robert Wicks, founder and brewer at Westerham Brewery

Robert told KGHBF Publicity HQ a bit about how green hop brewing makes him feel and the beer he’s making…

What is so special about Kent Green Hop Beer? “There is nothing like the aroma of freshly picked hops and we capture the sweet sappy hop flavours by steeping the green hops in the hot wort for 30 minutes…”

What is the best thing about brewing one? “It reminds us of the changing seasons. We have lost touch with the rhythm of the seasons. Green Hop Beer reconnects us with the land and the hop growers who toil all year to bring in the crop.”

What are your plans for brewing a green hop beer this year? “This is the 10th year we have brewed our Scotney Green Hop Harvest Ale. It’s a 4% mid amber ale with sweetness from the malt, the sappiness and powerful aroma of the Whitbread Golding Variety green hops balanced by the bitterness of the Target hops we use in the copper.”

Sounds tasty! Join us in Kent Green Hop Beer Fortnight 2014 for the chance to taste Scotney Green Hop Harvest Ale (perhaps at one of Westerham Brewery’s two pubs) along with all this year’s other Kent Green Hop Beers.

Where to drink and details of our bar at Canterbury Food & Drink Festival will be updated asap… so stay tuned!

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