Is your pub or bar serving Kent Green Hop Beer?

Whether you own, run or work in a pub, bar or other licensed premises if you are stocking Kent Green Hop Beer we’d love to help you shout about it.

We’ve created two PDF posters that you can print off and display on walls or in your window so people know you are a Kent Green Hop Beer pub (links at the end of this post).

Or maybe you’re a KGHB drinker and you know of a pub that had the beer before or says they are getting some this year. Please let your local/regular watering hole know about our posters, encourage them to print one off and maybe even persuade them to get in touch with us at KGHBF Publicity HQ as we’d also love to add any missing stockists to our ‘where to drink’ section.

We’re also keen to talk to publicans, pub managers and bar staff about promoting next year’s KGHBF as well as this one. Contact details here (and links to the posters are also duplicated on the contact page).

Thanks for supporting Kent Green Hop Beer Fortnight!

KGHB mini poster download

KGHB 14 poster download

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