2016 green hop beer to celebrate the new harvest

DG3M0uAWsAAZZT2Last year’s 2016 Kent Green hop beer from Bexley Brewery will be used by the brewery to toast the start of the new harvest.

Jane Murphy of Bexley Brewery said, “We kept a few in the conditioning room to see how they would taste a year after brewing. We only produce bottle conditioned beer, so we often test the longevity of the taste and aroma. When we tasted it yesterday, it was full flavoured, well balanced, smooth and full of English hoppiness.  We chose Bullion from Hukins in Tenterden for our 2015 and 2016 brews and have always been really pleased with it”

“We’ve chosen a different hop for this years brew, so there will be something different to try at the Canterbury Food Festival Green Beer Tent.”.