Canterbury Brewers & Distillers @FoundryBrewPub green hop collab with uni #WorldHeritage

Tradescant 400 Ale

Between 1615 and 1623, John Tradescant ‘the elder’, the father of English gardening, designed the gardens at St Augustine’s Abbey, Canterbury, on the site which Canterbury Christ Church University now shares.

In 2015 a larch was planted on campus to celebrate Tradescant 400 and to represent the wide range of plants that he introduced to England. It is believed that he introduced the larch following a journey to Arctic Russia in 1618 and, three years later, brought back “apricockes”, gladioli and the horse chestnut from the Mediterranean.

Our Tradescant 400 Ale and celebrations form part of our Bioversity initiative, which focuses on the creation of a unique identity and sense of place based on our location within the Canterbury UNESCO World Heritage Site. Brewed using heritage hops grown on our campus, this ale is truly one of a kind

Tasting Notes: The East Kent Goldings, Canterbury White Bine, Brambling Cross and Early Prolific hops impart a floral and citrus flavour with aromas of spicy marmalade and mandarin.

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