kent green hop map 2017.png

Supplies of these celebration beers from all over the county only last a couple of weeks. Enjoy them during Kent Green Hop Beer Fortnight. We will add to this list as news of new Kent beers comes through.

Click here for a downloadable list of the beers which also includes hops used and tasting notes (PDF).


Brewery Beer Name ABV
Bexley Brewery Hukins Bullion 2018
Boutilliers Green Hopped Weiss Kölsch 4.5
Breakwater Brewery Handpicked Green 4.0
Brew Buddies Bullion Mild 3.8
Brew Buddies Pale Ale 3.8
Canterbury Ales Pale Ale 3.8
Canterbury Ales Green And Black 4.0
Canterbury Ales Green And Gold 5.0
Canterbury Brewers/The Foundry Green Kölsch 5.6
Canterbury Brewers/The Foundry East Kent Red Rye 3.9
Canterbury Brewers/The Foundry Simply Saison 4.5
Christchurch University St Thomas Pale Ale Canterbury Christchurch Ale 4.6
East Kent Green Hop Collaboration Brew Pale Ale 5.0
Five Points Brewing Company Ltd Fuggles
Gadds’ Ramsgate Brewery Gadds’ Green Hop Ale 4.8
Goachers Goacher’s Green Hop Ale 3.9
Goody Ales Genesis Green Hop 3.5
Goody Ales Good Harvest 3.8
Goody Ales Goodness Gracious Me IPA 4.8
Guest Brewer Kiln Basher 5.2
Guest Brewer Pole Dancer 4.5
Kent Brewery Green Dwarf 3.7
Kent Brewery Green Giant 6.0
Mad Cat Total Kaos 3.7
Mad Cat Under Pressure (session) 4.0
Mad Cat Under Pressure (stronger) 4.7
Musket Brewery FLASH In The PAN 4.0
Old Dairy Green Horn 6.5
Old Dairy Green Hop 4.0
Old Dairy Green Hop 4.0
Pig and Porter Purest Green 5.2
Ripple Steam Farmhouse 4.2
Shepherd Neame Green Hop Ale 4.5%
Tonbridge Brewery Countryman 4.0
Wantsum Brewery Fuggles 4.2
Westerham Westerham’s Scotney Green Hop Harvest Ale 4.5
Whitstable Good as Goldings 4.3
Whitstable Bullion Best 4.8