Fascinating facts about hops that will ensure you win the pub quiz!

• Hops can be used for purifying the blood, to stimulate a sluggish liver, and
to treat ailments including insomnia, migraine, indigestion, intestinal
cramps, earache, travel sickness, irritability, and tension.

• Hops contain anti-oxidants which are substances that may protect the
body’s cells against the effects of free radicals – molecules that can damage
cells, and trigger heart disease, cancer and other diseases. Both barley and
hops contain anti-oxidants and consequently beer is rich in them. Flavonoids in hops may prevent the development of cardio-vascular disease, obesity, diabetes, and certain cancers.

• In the early 20th century when telephone exchanges were assigned three
letters to identify them, the Southwark exchange in south London was HOP.
Southwark was the pre-eminent hop marketing quarter due to its proximity to London Bridge and location on the main road to Kent where most hops were grown. When the railways came, London Bridge station was the main destination for hops grown in the garden of England.

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