Here’s the 2016 beer list for Canterbury Food & Drink Festival. Additional beers will be available during the Fortnight. We’ll try to post details on the news page as we get them.

Find a printer friendly list here: green-hop-beer-list-canterbury-2016

Bexley Brewery

Hukins Challenger Pale Ale (4%) Pale ale hopped with Challenger.


Green Hop Saison (5.5%) Pale, dry, thirst-quenching farmhouse style ale. Hopped with EKG*.

Canterbury Ales

Pale Ale (4.2%) Hopped with ‘Early Bird’ Goldings.

Green and Black (4%) Black, unfined beer with green hops.

Pale Ale (5%) Details tbc.

Canterbury Brewers/The Foundry Brewpub

Simply Saison (4.5%) Robust flavours celebrating the best of the summer.

Hopped with EKG.

East Kent Red Rye (4.4%) Caramel-biscuit malts with herbal, marmalade notes. Hopped with EKG.

Harvest Night (5.6%) Black IPA. Hopped with EKG.

Caveman Brewery

70 Shilling (4%) Hopped with EKG.

Barnfield Wheat IPA (5%) Hopped with Challenger.

Christchurch University (collab with The Foundry)

Green Chapel Canterbury Christchurch Ale (4.6%) Pale ale with a riot of flavours. Hopped with EKG, Wye Challenger and Fuggles.

East Kent Brewers Collaboration beer

Details will be revealed at Canterbury F&D!

Gadds’ Ramsgate Brewery

Gadds’ Green Hop Ale (4.8%) Pale, crisp, zesty and bitter. Hopped with EKG.


Goachers Green Hop Ale (3.9%) Pale ale. Hopped with EKG.

Goody Ales

Genesis Green Hop (3.5%) Ruby coloured brew. Hopped with Challenger grown at the brewery.

Good Harvest (3.8%) Clean tasting amber ale. Hopped with Northdown grown at the brewery.

Kent Brewery

Green Giant (6%) IPA hopped with a colossal amount of EKG.

Larkins Brewery

Green Hop Best (4%) Made with hops grown on their own farm at the brewery.

Mad Cat

Buzz Wiser (3.8%) Pale ale featuring honey. Hopped with EKG.

Syndale Pale Ale (4.3%) Pale ale with satisfying mouthfeel. Hopped with EKG.

Musket Brewery

Flash In The Pan (4%) Golden ale with a pleasantly dry, lingering aftertaste. Hopped with Fuggles.

Old Dairy

Green Hop with Fuggles (4%) Mild and pleasant pale ale with spicy, woody and fruit notes.

Green Hop with Challenger (4%) Spicy, cedary pale ale with green tea aroma and sweet floral flavour.

Green Hop with Bullion (4%) Strong and zesty pale ale with blackcurrant characteristics.

Pig and Porter

Purest Green (5.2%) Flavoursome pale ale with a hint of zesty marmalade. Hopped with EKG.

Strangely Brown (4.8%) ‘Grassy’ green hops lift the creaminess provided by roasted grains giving this porter a smooth mouthfeel and hints of coffee flavour.

Green Spider Rye – won’t be ready for Canterbury but look out for this later in the Fortnight.

Ripple Steam

Farmhouse Pale Ale (4.2%) Pale ale. Hopped with Admiral.

Shepherd Neame

Green Hop Ale (4.5%) Best bitter. Hopped with varieties selected by the brewer.

Tonbridge Brewery

Capel Pale (4.5%) Light honey malts with zesty, citrus notes. Hopped with Pilgrim.

Scuppeteer Brewing Company

Kiln Basher (5.2%) Green hop porter.

Wantsum Brewery

Fuggles (4.5%) Amber best bitter with hints of
citrus from the lightly perfumed Fuggles.

Westerham Brewery

Scotney Green Hop Harvest Ale (4.5%) Mid gold bitter with a delightful sweet, sappy flavour. Hopped with Goldings from Scotney Castle Hop Garden.

Whitstable Brewery

Green Glory (4.8%) Hopped with Challenger.

Good as Goldings (4.3%) Hopped with EKG.

We also expect to have beers from:

Brew Buddies, Hop Fuzz, Nelson Brewery and Rockin Robin.

*EKG stands for East Kent Goldings.

KGHBs on map 2014

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