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The beers have been brewed, the where to drink list updated, 2014’s beer list is now available Kent Green Hop Beer Fortnight will soon be here!

Our official launch will be at Canterbury Food & Drink Festival (26/27/28th Sept) and we look forward to seeing you there or over a pint in the pub during the Fortnight.

Look out for continued news, feature style posts and other updates in the run up to, and throughout, the Fortnight. 

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Got a question? See our FAQs below or visit the contact page to see how to get in touch with us.

Kent Green Hop Beer Fortnight is sponsored by:


All our Kent Green Hop Beers are:

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We are delighted, once again, to be a part of…

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What is Kent Green Hop Beer?

Kent Green Hop Beer is beer made with fresh, or green, Kentish hops – instead of using hops that have been dried as is more traditional in brewing. The beers have a characteristic fresh taste because the hops used contain many of the oils that are normally lost when hops are dried. We make sure the hops are as fresh as can be by using them within 12 hours of being picked.

And there’s a fortnight dedicated to these beers?

Indeed there is. We think Kent Green Hop Beers are more than a bit special so we want EVERYBODY to come and try them.

Kent Green Hop Beer Fortnight usually officially begins at at Canterbury Food & Drink Festival this year on Friday 26th September 2014. This the only occasion and location when all (or nearly all!) Kent Green Hop Beers will be available in the same place at the same time. Select pubs throughout the county will also be stocking Kent Green Hop Beers, see our Where to drink page. Breweries in East Kent are also holding another Open Day for 2014 so you can drink Kent Green Hop Beer with the people that make it.

Who makes these amazing beers?

Almost every brewery in Kent is making at least one – some have made several. We have more than 20 breweries in the county so that’s a huge range of beers – more than 30 this year! They’ll all be different too as each brewer will be creating their own recipe. Have a look at our Beers page for a list with descriptions and tasting notes.

I own/run a pub, how can I buy Kent Green Hop Beers?

For sales contact each brewery direct or get in touch with wholesalers Firkin Ales Ltd.  Kent Green Hop Beers are very popular and sell out quickly so place your order as early as you can!

How can I let my customers know my pub is part of Kent Green Hop Beer Fortnight?

Every year we try to list all the pubs stocking Kent Green Hop Beer on our ‘where to drink’ page but we rely on the information provided to update the list. Brewers and wholesalers usually let us know who has bought Kent Green Hop Beer but it would be BRILLIANT if pubs contacted us too!

This year we are trialling PDF posters that pubs and bars can print off for themselves to display on their premises. These tell customers (and possible new customers if placed in your window) that you have Kent Green Hop Beer and are part of Kent Green Hop Beer Fortnight. Download a poster from the links below.

KGHB 14 poster download                  KGHB mini poster download

Can I do more than just put up a poster?

Most definitely! You could hold your own Kent Green Hop Beer festival – and if you let us know about it we will list it on this website – or you could run a beer tasting, meet the brewer session or some other kind of event – and again if you tell us about this we’ll list it on the website. If you want some advice on how to put on an event and/or how to publicise it then let us know.

How can I find out more and make sure I get to Kent in time to try these beers?

Whether you are a drinker or a publican, or some other kind of beer lover sign up to receive Kent Green Hop Beer News by email to be the first to receive news of what’s happening (see the box towards the top of the right hand side of the page) and follow us @KentGreenHop on Twitter.

We look forward to seeing you for Kent Green Hop Beer Fortnight!

3 responses to “Home & FAQs

  1. At The Old Woine Vaults Faversham we will have Green Hop Beer from Canterbrew!!! Ready to go as we speak! CAMRA discount on it as well, when it’s gone it’s gone!

  2. This is the Beaujolais Nouveau of the beer industry, be proud of this and get the country to do this every year at this time great for business. Ian

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