Stop! Rewind.. the nature of nature

Plans have had to change for Tonbridge brewery as their usual Pilgrim variety hops are being harvested late this year meaning that the beer will not be ready for the Green Hop Beer Tent.

Instead, the brewery are creating a green hop version of their Countryman Best Bitter using 100% Fuggle variety from Haffenden Farms in Tenterden.

Charlie Gorham from Charles Faram Hop Merchants said, “This is the nature of the beast. The growers work from years of experience in knowing when it’s exactly the right time to harvest their crops”. All the variants in nature will dictate when the hops will be ready, and this can change from one day to another, so grower and brewer plans can’t always work to schedule.”

Brew Buddies Brewery has also changed their beer listing so we now have, The Green Mild and Green Buddy, both brewed using East Kent Goldings.

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