Why a green hopped beer? (the story so far) from Range Ales

Range Ales shares their experience of working with Green Hops.

June 2017

The story begin in early June 2017 when Jon, from Canterbury Brewers and Distillers send us an email asking if we would be interested in taking part in the green hopped beer competition at the beginning of the green Hop Beer festival fortnight at the end of September. To be honest we had dabbled with green hops at the end of the picking season last year, it was only a test run and it had turned out to be a disaster.  So we had no firm plans for this season, but we were always open to ideas or suggestions.  For the next three weeks David and Jim thought about the possibility of green hopping a beer, how this could be achieved and what sort of reception it would likely have from the usual outlets. (Lets face it, a green hop beer is a specialty beer and not really something one should lead with when cultivating new customers)

We finally jumped on the band wagon in early July and Jim started the research into hops, producers and processes for green hopping a beer.

In the mean time Jon produced this years green hop beer map for the festival.  The website for the festival is here https://kentgreenhopbeer.com/

August 2017

At the beginning of August Jim got in contact with Christopher Nicholas, the chap in charge at Sandhurst Vineyards and hop gardens and they started chatting about green hopped beer, the availability of hops and when harvesting would be.  Christopher was very enthusiastic about his hop Epic, as it was a very good crop this year and the harvest was on schedule to be a bumper one.  Jim hadn’t heard of or used Epic before but took the chance and agreed to have ten kilos of the hops wet.  Christopher thought that the harvest would be during the first week in September and so all was left fine and dandy.


To read more go to:  http://www.rangealesbrewery.co.uk/2017/08/31/green-hop/

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