How Five Points has fallen in love with Kentish Green Hops

Last Autumn, The Five Points Brewing Company reiterated their long-standing commitment to cask ale through a series of ‘Cask Parties’ at a number of pubs across the country. To celebrate, the brewery released their very first green hop beer brewed with fresh Bullion hops straight from the bines of Hukins Hops, a fourth generation family hop farm on the outskirts of Tenterden, Kent, and launched the beer at the fantastic Fuggles Beer Cafe in Tonbridge.

The Kentish heritage of hop production and the green-hop harvest tradition has been so inspiring for the brewery, in particular for co-founder and Head Brewer, Greg Hobbs. Greg explains, “Brewing green hop beers is a fantastic way to celebrate the longstanding hop harvest tradition in Kent, as well as using hops in their purest form. The late-summer, spicy grass aromas of green hop beers are so unique, as well as the terroir of the Kent countryside – the beating heart of hop production in the UK.”

To celebrate the hop harvest this year, Five Points is brewing with four different Kentish hops from the fields of Hukins Hops – Bullion, Challenger, Goldings and Fuggles. The Green Hop: Fuggles will be available at the Kent Green Hop Beers Festival this September, and the three other beers will be available across the following few weeks, depending on when each hop is ready to be harvested.

Marketing Manager, Claudia Mayne, explains “The interest and support we received for our Bullion Green Hop Bitter last year was really phenomenal. To connect with and work so closely with hop producers, and to bring Kent-hopped beers to a wider audience who had never had the chance to try green-hopped beers before, made it a really special beer release.”

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