Canterbury Ales

Established in 2010 we have been making our range of hand-crafted ales for pubs and shops all over Kent and the South East for nearly thirteen years.

Our core range of 8 ‘character’ beers are all named after the pilgrims in The Canterbury Tales.  You might have enjoyed our bestselling Pardoner’s Pale Ale or our award-winning Merchant’s ‘mild Kentish stout’.  We also produce regular monthly specials. These range from APAs and Oatmeal Pales to single hop beers.

Green Hop season is probably the most exciting time of the year for us!  Luckily the farm that supplies us is around the corner and so the hops are into the brew within 40 minutes of collection. Brewing is alchemy anyway, but not knowing the exact bitterness of the beautifully fresh hops requires the brewer’s skill and judgement on the day.  Last year our Green & Pale was judged the best Green Hop beer under 4% so we got something right!  We’re planning to use 3 different hops in the 3 Green Hop brews this year: East Kent Goldings, Ernest and Challenger.  Keep an eye on the Green Hop updates.

We hope you enjoy our Green Hop ales of character!

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